Welcome to Springfield Catholic School System. I invite you to peruse our web site. I believe after a few moments with us you too will understand the difference a Catholic Education will make in the life and future of your child.

We are a system held together by our core values of faith, service and academic rigor. These values define who we are and provide the framework for the existence of Springfield Catholic Schools.

We are a community filled with dedicated teachers, supportive parents, parishes, and friends who strive to challenge all of our students. Our students never cease to exceed our expectations, growing in confidence, service to others and intellectual curiosity. Our students accomplish so much during their time with us. Their accomplishments are cherished and celebrated by the entire community and serve as a guiding force to the important work we do.

I hope it is clear how much I love this great school system, and how important Catholic education is to me. I cannot think of any greater gift you can give your child than that of an excellent education. Please visit our schools, and see for yourself the difference our school system will make in your child’s future. Do not hesitate to contact me with any question you may have. I look forward to sharing our schools with your children, and family.

Amy DeMelo
Director, Springfield Catholic Schools.

Amy Demelo,
Director of Schools