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Congratulations to all the students listed on their well-deserved accomplishments! We are so proud of your hard work!


Honor Rolls Lists

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Video by St. Agnes Elementary 8th Graders

Congratulations to the following students whose art was chosen to be part of the Springfield Art Museum  Art Show.

Sam Lowrance


St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Rainbow Fish”

Crayon Watercolor Resist

Ada Vilkins

First Grade

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Bright Lines and Shapes”

Oil Pastels with Black Color Wash

Matthew Monteith

Second Grade

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Happy Panda Bear”

Oil Pastels, Blending, Highlighting

Hayes Burke

Third Grade

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Decorated Branches”

Watercolors, Oil Pastel

Maelyn Floyd

4th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Greek Amphora Vase”

Sgraffitto Technique / Greek Mythology

Madeline Callahan

5th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Koi Fish”

Water Color Technique/ Crayon Resist 

Annabelle Sonnemaker &

Madison Scott-Hicks

6th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Banyan Trees”

Water Color Crayon & Sharpie marker 

Jeremy Rader

7th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Open Window View”

Colored Pencil / Linear Perspective

Annie Callahan

8th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School


Water Color Crayons / Sharpie Marker



5TH GRADE                                                                                                           6TH GRADE

MADELINE CALLAHAN                   A                                                             JOHN BROWN                                   A/B

RYLEIGH CARROLL                           A/B                                                        ETHAN CARROLL                               A/B

KAYDIE DEMSTER                             A/B                                                        MATT CASEY                                      A/B

LARISSA HOLLAND                           A/B                                                        MICHEA EYERMAN                          A/B

JACOB JEFFERS                                  A/B                                                        ARIANA GARNICA                           A/B

MAGGIE LOWRANCE                     A                                                             CHERIE SABINI                                   A

SAMUEL MILLER                               A/B                                                        THOMAS SCHOMAKER                  A/B

ROBBY SABINI                                   A/B                                                        MADISON SCOTT-HICKS                A/B

SHANE SHAUGHNESSY                  A/B                                                        CODY SWATERS                                A/B


                7TH GRADE                                                                                                           8TH GRADE

LYDIA AUSTIN                                   A/B                                                        ANNIE CALLAHAN                            A/B

ETHAN BARBER                                 A                                                             LILY CLIFT                                            A/B

ABBY CARDONE                                A/B                                                        MAGGIE DAVIS                                 A/B

ELLA COLLINS                                     A/B                                                        TREY GAROUTTE                              A/B

HANNAH DEMSTER                         A                                                             NICHOLAS GOMEZ                          A/B

ELI DENNEY                                        A/B                                                        WADE HITE                                         A/B

NATE DEVOSS                                    A                                                             KHLOE LAURIE                                   A/B

CAMERON EVANS                           A/B                                                        SARAH MILLER                                  A

EMMA GEORGE                                A/B                                                        MADDIE WUTKE                               A

RYAN GEORGE                                  A/B

RYLIE JEFFERS                                    A/B

ANTHONY MANCUSO                    A/B

JEREMY RADER                                 A/B

TAYLOR RAE RUSSELL                     A/B                                                        

  • Congratulations to all the students who competed in the St Agnes Science Fair! We are so proud of all the hard work that went into the event!!! A special congratulations to our ribbon winners!
    • 1st Place:        Maddie Wutke, “Does Font Affect Memory Recall?”
    • 2nd Place:       Annie Callahan, “It’s Plane Science!”
    • 3rd Place Tie: Maggie Davis, “Rich or Homeless, Does It Matter How You Look?”

                                                            Trey Garoutte and Nick Gomez, “Does Weather Affect Mood?”

St. Agnes School has a student newsletter! It will be posted on the website each month under the news tab!

A special thank you to Annie Callahan and Ella Collins for creating the first publication!

Math Art Competition Ribbons Winners for the Primary Grades 

Geometric Designs with Markers and Crayons 

1st place – Luke Butler  

2nd place – Vegas Turner  

3rd place – Sydney Ensign  

4th place – Samantha Scheider 

5th place – Amore Pennella  

6th place – Lilly-Ann Tracz 

1st place – Mya Davis  

2nd place – Eloise Bruton 

5th place – Emma Buckthorpe 


Geometric Designs with Glued-On Shapes 

1st place - Christopher Todd 

2nd place – Joe Meek  

5th place – Matthew Monteith 

6th place – Rebecca Hiles 

1st place – Matt Brown 

3rd place – Gabe Winn  

4th place – Claire Carter  

5th place – Mark Vilkins  

6th place – Hayes Burke  

7th place – Landri Hauschildt  

1st place- Wolfgang Turner  

2nd place – Jack Butler  

3rd place – Daniel Hiles  

4th place – Maelyn Floyd  

5th place – Camille Boyer  

6th place – Krissi Kristek  

7th place Nathan Piechocki 


Tessellation Designs 

3rd place – Raegan Morton  

4th place – Fiona Nguyen  

5th place – Cindy Tran  

6th place – Jordan Hite  

7th place – Trey East  

8th place – Addison Cronkhite  

9th place – Oliver Feldman  

10th place – Lea Sacshe  

1st place Peyton Sacshe  

2nd place – Bella McGuire  

3rd place – Parker Duckett  

4th place Zella Schopp-Gosnell 


Math Art Competition Ribbon Winners for the Upper and Middle Grades 

Geometric Designs with Markers and Crayons

1st place – Ryleigh Carroll  

2nd place – Melissa Tran  

9th place – Annabelle Moore 

1st place – Cherie Sabini 

2nd place – Isabella Gomez  

3rd place – Henry Hiles  

4th place – Thomas Schomaker  

5th place – Piper Marler  

6th place – Annabelle Sonnemaker  

7th place – Matthew Casey  

1st place – Lindsey McKay and Annie Callahan (tie) 

2nd place – Nicholas Winn 

3rd place – Torre Williams 

4th place – Lynnsey Hughes  

5th place – Maggie Davis  

6th place – Trey Garoutte  

7th place – Maddie Wutke  

8th place – Sydney Everhart  

9th place – Nicholas Gomez  

10th place – Lily Clift  


Geometric Shapes Using Glued-On Shapes

1st place – Madison Scott-Hicks 

2nd place - Kylie Hite  

3rd place – Jeremy Cronkhite  

4th place – Giacomo Pennella  


We would like to recognize the following students who had art displayed at the All School Art Exhibit at Springfield Art Museum 

Joe Meek  

Maddie Wutke  

Rylie Jeffers  

Cherie Sabini  

Camille Boyer  

Fiona Nguyen 


The following students are being recognized for submitting a Science Fair Project in the Primary and Upper Grades 

Maggie Lowrance  

Parker Duckett  

Sydney Ensign  

Peyton Sachse 

Landri Hauschildt  

Samantha Scneider 

Grace Lowrance  

Amore Pennella  

Oliver Feldman  

Lea Sachse  

Lily – Ann Tracz 

Camille Boyer  

Alex Byram  

Parker Foster  

Griffin Martin  

Shayla McGarry  

Alyssa Nanneman 

Bennato Penella  

Izabella Rangel 


Knights of Columbus Essay, The Impact of Pope Francis, Ribbon Winners 

1st place – Cherie Sabini  

2nd place – John Brown  

3rd place – Erin Everhart  

Honorable Mention – Ashlynn Davis

Outstanding Artist Awards 

Jeremy Cronkhite  

Isabella Gomez  

Piper Marler  

Madison Scott-Hicks  

Annabelle Sonnemaker 


Missouri Math League is a 30 minutes timed contest. We had many students score high with St. Agnes representation in 4 of the 5 top scores. 

Jacob Jeffers  

Maggie Lowrance  

Hayze Hoffman  

Robbie Sabini  

Annabelle Moore 

Braden Per 

Tristan Gosnell  

Jack Goans 

Madeline Callahan 

Melissa Tran  

Madison Scott-Hicks 

Ashlynn Davis  

John Brown  

Cherie Sabini  

Henry Hiles  - 4th place

Thomas Schomaker  - 4th place

Matthew Casey  -4th place

Cody Swaters  - 3rd place

Ethan Carroll  - 2nd place

Giacomo Pennella- 1st place  


The next group of students placed in the Math Olympiad Competition Series. 

1st place - Nate DeVoss 

2nd place - Anthony Mancuso 

3rd place - Ethan Barber and Giacomo Pennella (tie) 

5th place - Eli Denney  

6th place – Taylor Rae Russell 

A special moment of recognition goes to Nate DeVoss forscoring a 22 out of 25 on the tests which made him the #1 St. Agnes Student and ranked him in the top 10% in the nation.

Both Science Olympiad teams placed at the regional competition. 

Team members are:

Silver Team:

Annice Cotter  

Hailey Collins  

AnnMarie Griese 

Kayte Garand  

Serenity Eyerman 

Austin Russo  

Maddie Wutke  

Lily Clift  

Annie Callahan  

Maggie Davis  

Trey Garoutte  

Nate DeVoss 

Ryan George  

Anthony Mancuso  

Matthew Pickens 

Emerald Team:

George Hall  

McKenzie Taylor  

Khloe Laurie  

Gideon Kroutil  

Jordan Taylor  

Abby Cardone  

Taylor Rae Russell  

Will Garand  

Alex Herrell  

Kayla Cotter  

Hannah Demster  

Rylie Jeffers  

Zach Olson  

Jeremy Rader 


Science Olympiad Place Winners for the Regional Competition 

Air Trajectory – 1st place Annie Callahan and Nate DeVoss  

Disease Detective – 1st place Hannah Demster and Taylor Rae Russell 

Elastic Launch Glider – 3rd place Nate DeVoss and Matthew Pickens  

Experimental Design – 5th place  Annie Callahan and Maggie Davis  

Picture This – 1st place Maddie Wutke  

Road Scholar – 3rd place Nate DeVoss and Ryan George  

Robo Cross – 3rd place  Abby Cardone and Rylie Jeffers  

Robo Cross – 4th place Ryan George and Anthony Mancuso  

Simple Machines – 5th place Trey Garoutte and Anthony Mancuso  

A special moment of recognition goes to Annie Callahan and Nate DeVoss for bringing home 

first place in Air Trajectory in the Science Olympiad STATE Competition!

We would like to honor the following students and teachers for serving as church musicians this year. 

Annie Callahan 

Maggie Davis  

Zach Olson 

Ryan George 

A special thank you to Mr. Branson, Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Vogel!

The following students were awards top place honors at the Southwest District Art Teacher’s Association Annual Event.

2nd place in Opaque Painting – Sydney Ensign  

2nd place in Black and White Drawing – Mya Davis  

2nd place – Opaque Painting Annabelle Moore  

1st place in Opaque Painting – Jack Goans  

1st place in Black and White Drawing- Melissa Tran  

Mason Scruggs – Honorable Mention 

Thomas Schomaker – Honorable Mention 

2nd place -Taylor Rae Russell  

We swept the ribbons in the Youth Art Month Flag Design.

Congratualtions to: 

3rd place Nick Winn 

2nd place Maddie Wutke  

1st Annie Callahan 

We had one student earn the Art Certificate Of Excellence for this year. 

Ryan George – Best Art Helper of the Year 

The 2014-15 Jump Rope For Heart Top Fundraiser is Miss Amore Pennella.


Elks Lodge Drug Awareness Contest Winners.

4th grade- 1st place: Melissa Tran

5th grade- 1st place: Madison Scott-Hicks

Honor Roll- 1st through 3rd Quarters

5th Grade 

John Brown  

Ethan Carroll  

Matthew Casey  

Henry Hiles  

Piper Marler  

Grace Ray  

Cherie Sabini  

Thomas Schomaker  

Cody Swaters  

Jeremy Cronkhite  

Kylie Hite  

Giacomo Pennella  

Maddison Scott-Hicks 

Michea Eyerman  

Kylie Hite  

6th Grade 

Ethan Barber  

Nate DeVoss  

Taylor Rae Russell  

Lydia Austin  

Abby Cardone  

Ella Collins  

Kayla Cotter  

Hannah Demster  

Eli Denney  

Ryan George  

Rylie Jeffers  

Anthony Mancuso  

Sarah Voyles  

Emma George  

Jeremy Rader  

Alex Herrell 

7th Grade

Annie Callahan  

Trey Garoutte  

Madie Wutke  

Lily Clift  

Maggie Davis  

Nicholas Gomez  

Wade Hite  

Mason Scruggs  

Nicholas Winn  

George Hall  

Khloe Laurie  

Matthew Pickens 

Duke TIP Honorees 

Annie Callahan  

Trey Garoutte  

George Hall  

Wade Hite  

Matthew Pickens  

Mason Scruggs  

Nicholas Winn  

Madison Wutke